The Guest Studio

The visitors' studio is at Kaupvangsstræti, in the very heart of Listagil, Akureyri’s Art Centre. The studio is owned by the Municipality of Akureyri, and the Gil Society is in charge of its operations. The premises consist of a furnished apartment and working facilities.
The studio enables visiting artists to concentrate on their work by providing them with this accommodation, for 1 month at a time and, simultaneously, to acquaint the townspeople with artists of diverse origin and their art, thus broadening the town's cultural horizon.
Applications must arrive before 1. of June. The fee for staying in the Guest studio is 350 euros.
International bank transfer fee is to be payed by the artist. 
It has been a custom that visitors in the studio promote their work in one way or another during their stay. Artists must hold a lecture on their work on behalf of the application committee, which is comprised of artists and volunteers organising the visitiors’ studio. The artists must also at the end of each term open their studio for exhibition.

There are no fundings or grants that come with the visitors’ studio, but the artists receive a signed, formal invitation.
Artists interested in having exhibitions in Akureyri, can send email with requests and ideas at: studio.akureyri@gmail.com.