Hanny Ahern dvelur í Gestavinnustofunni í Apríl.
Hún verður með fyrirlestur í Myndlistaskóla Akureyrar þann 9. april klukkan 13:00.
Einnig verður hún með opna vinnustofu 24. apríl 2008.

Hanny Ahern Has a BA from Bennington College In Vermont (US). She hales form Connecticut in the U.S. and is also a citizen of Ireland were she like to spend time as part of the theme tat she finds herself in cold wet weather frequently.

Prior to arriving at the guest studio Hanny was Living and working in London drawing in a rather traditional way at the princes drawing school. In the past she has worked with many mediums to describe her own visual cosmos. Mostly she prefers to use cleaning and domestic products as a way to shift the mundane into the magical. While here in Akureyri where Hanny is delighted to be, she will be rethinking to discover her long term goal of working in many ways to see and use visual arts as research as well as means of making and simulating beauty of the natural world. She asks if it is not only materials surrounding us.. are images enough? Perhaps sound? Hanny is excited to be in Iceland and about the possibities of mankind.

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