Listamaður ágústmánaðar í gestavinnustofunni er Zoe Chan frá New York

Scaffolds, 2012

Zoe Chan, Current Artist in Residence at the Akureyri Artists Studio for the month of August, 2013.

I am an artist with a broad range of interests. These include sculpture, photography and video. These practices are both separate and converging.

In my most recent body of work I am exploring the formal aspects of image making in series or multiple. When you look at an individual image, you focus on the specific subject. When grouped together, either as a family or as a repeated image there is a shift in understanding. The specificity becomes less important, the individual narrative of the image recedes. The composition, frame, texture, shape, color become more conspicuous. The context of their presentation becomes the message.

Marshall McLuhan punned that the medium is the mass age, mess age and massage in 1964. Now we are living in an infamously information saturated era. Here in Iceland, a photographer points his camera in a direction to shoot and is then swarmed by others who then try and capture the same scene. The whole is wildly other than the sum of the parts.

I am originally from Melbourne, Australia and have been a long time resident in New York city, where I graduated from School of Visual Arts, Master of Fine Arts program in 2009.

Currently I am experimenting in the Akureyri Guest Studio with Multiples in Collage, Wall Drawing/Sculptures and Videos. Please feel free to contact me while I am here if you are interested and look out for my exhibit at Populus Tremula on August 24-25.