Listamaður í janúar 2013 er Rikke Flensberg

Danish Artist Rikke Flensberg, works within the following fields of art: photography, video,
sculpture and installation.
The distinctive notion about her work is an interest for reality contra fiction and the limits in

The processes in nature and the human being and the effect those have on each other are
also a very present factor looking at the imaginary not only as a utopic landscape, but also
as a dystopian paradigm. She is influenced by thoughts of the earth´s physical structure and
substance, and the processes that act on it. A mythological language is framed when visualizing
how the world is variable and changing. The changes of our subjective feelings concerning
the everyday life as human beings, can also be seen as parallel to the reflections of how
things and circumstances can suddenly change both for the better and the worse in nature.
The limits between reality and fiction, is to be seen as leaks into a parallel universe or as an
entry into the real, where the two notions are not separated but more likely one. She works
with this through Illusion, use of dimensions and perspective and reflections of elements, which
represent what is known different, both in form, material and subject.
In her Solo show at Populus Tremula, she will show a new piece. A mediative transformation of
an abstract landscape using color, reflexion, light and dark as her tools.

Rikke Flensberg is educated from Malmö Art Academy (MFA) in 2009 and is currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

She is the Guest artist at Gil Society, Akureyri.