Listamaður desembermánaðar er Lidwina Charpentier

Lidwina Charpentier

1957: Born in Swiss with Belgian Nationality, and now living in The Netherlands
Art education:
Art teacher training in Tilburg, 1983
Rietveld Academy Amsterdam 1985
Art Therapy at De Wervel, Zeist 2007

I regularly exhibit in museums and galleries in the Netherlands. In 2012 I participated in an exhibition in Akureyri. Publications in several books, magazines and newspapers.
21 – 22 – 23 december  an exhibition in Deiglan.

About my art:
In my work the theme ‘visibility and invisibility’ is always present. Connecting to my day to day life. To experience this as new. Walking on the edge. My personal goal is to visualise universal truths. Rise above our own existence by asking the question ‘Who am I’. To always connect to my surroundings; people, animals, plants, rocks, as well as old myths (culture, nature, architecture). To make what that’s hidden, visible. Working in my atelier gives me a certain freedom that I can’t experience anywhere else. Perhaps that is the joy and the struggle of  creating capacity.

The reason that I am here is that I want to experience Iceland with the old myth and genesis Edda. That experience I transform to pictures. Quite an interesting adventure.

Iceland, Iceland here I am
With the Edda as my guide I search you
Geometrically-people-the climate- seasons
Now here in the darkest of days, there is a suspicion of Ragnarock.
Every day I go out for that little bit of light.
In the meantime it is vibrating and moving with heat under your surface.
The land evaporates, heaves and sighs of old age, the glaciers cold and mute
The weather unpredictable amongst these extremes.

Lidwina charpentier 12 -12 - 2013