GESTAVINNUSTOFA GILFÉLAGSINS, POPULUS TREMULA, GALLERÍ BOX og KETILHÚSIÐ kynna sýningar, bókaútgáfu og raftónlistarkvöld á vegum kanadísku listamannanna,ERIN GLOVER, ROBERT MALINOWSKI og PAUL FORTIN.
15. - 25. mars 2008

AKUREYRI ARTIST STUDIO, POPULUS TREMULA, GALLERY BOX and KETILHUS present a multi venue exhibition, book launch and an evening of electronic sound by Canadian artists, ERIN GLOVER, ROBERT MALINOWSKI and PAUL FORTIN.

Exhibitions at:


ERIN GLOVER – Gallery Box
PAUL FORTIN- Populus Tremula and Ketilhus

Beginning Sat. March 15th and continuing with events until Tuesday, March 25th

Exhibition Receptions:

PAUL FORTIN presents “Boilermakers” on KETILHUS windows – Saturday, March 15th – 2:00 p.m.

ROBERT MALINOWSKI and PAUL FORTIN presents “ A Small Plot of Land” - an exhibition of sculpture and Installation and “Somewhere Near Here” a limited edition book of collaborative drawings at POPULUS TREMULA – Thursday March 20th – 2:00 p.m.

PAUL FORTIN – An evening of electronic music, sound and video performed at POPULUS TREMULA – Friday, March 21st – 9:00pm

ERIN GLOVER presents “a forest for Iceland” at GALLERY BOX Saturday, March 22nd – 2:00 p.m.

AKUREYRI, MARCH 9, 2008…Akureyri Artist Studio, Populus Tremula, Gallery Box and Ketilhus are please to present the multi venue exhibitions and book launch of Canadian artists and Akureyri Artist Studio residents Erin Glover, Robert Malinowski and Paul Fortin.

The three resident artists are pleased to present new visual art installations focusing on work inspired by their previous stay in Iceland in May 2007. Mr. Fortin presents “Boilermakers”, an installation of adhesive sign vinyl applied to the large windows of the Ketilhus. The artwork references the original use of the Ketilhus – a building that housed the boilers that powered the former factories on the street. Now that the buildings have been converted to galleries and artist studios, the Ketilhus remains a center of the street, housing the Gil Society and a multi-use space focusing on performances, exhibitions and musical events. The following week Ms. Glover will present “a forest for Iceland” at Gallery Box while Mr. Malinowski and Mr. Fortin will present “A Small Plot of Land” at Populus Tremula. In Ms’ Glovers piece, the artist will bring with her from Canada, a small artistic forest for the treeless Iceland and install it in the Gallery Box exhibition space. During this time, Mr. Malinowski and Mr. Fortin present “A Small Plot of Land”, an exhibition that focuses on new sculptural pieces based on the idea of building a home – both physically and psychologically, and where these ideas fit into the landscape around us. Along with this exhibition, Populus Tremula will launch “Somewhere Near Here”, a publication of Mr. Malinowski’s and Mr. Fortin’s collaborative drawings. This intimate, limited edition book is the fifteenth such publication that the gallery has launched and has now become a tradition and an anticipated event in Akureyri. On the evening of Friday, March 21st, Mr. Fortin will present a casual evening of electronic sound and video at the Populus Tremula Cabaret.

With events and exhibitions unfolding over a ten day period and at three different venues, these exhibitions fall under a busy schedule for the cultural institutions of Akureyri, during the week leading up to and over the Easter holidays.